SpyAnyway V4.7
1. View logs by HTML
2. Support Google Chrome
3. Multi-language support
4. Decrease CPU occupy

1. Send screenshots via email, so you can view them anywhere by PC or iPad!
2. Website log include subject
3. Modify the time format
4. Add the path infomation of program
5. Send the Files/Folders log
6. Bug fixed

1. Add path infomation
2. Add then function to execute the program
3. Optimize for reading files

1. Decrease the memory occupy
2. Multi-language keylogger support
3. Add "View All" button
4. Press SPACE to view the next image and BACKSPACE to view the previous one

1. Korea/Russian/Japanese Keylogger support
2. Modify the Email Sender
3. Bugs fixed

1. Send logs via Email
2. Work Schedule
3. Add help infomation
4. Support remove SpyAnyway

1. Customize the running command
2. Record the password

3. Build the list of websites cannot visit
4. Record mixed charactors
5. Update the viewer
6. Update the monitoring engine


1. Update some code
2. Bugs fixed
3. Modify the code against the firewall
4. Bugs fixed
5. Fix the links in log
6. Modify the default value
7. Decrease the memory occupy
8. Add the program path
9. Bugs fixed
10. Rise the volumn

1. Rise the volumn
2. Support the path include Asia charactors
1. Encrypt the log folder
2. Start SpyAnyway when windows start

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Keylogger 4.7

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