Have you ever wondered what your spouse, kids or employees have been doing on the computer and Internet? Is your spouse engaging in online sexual activity while you are asleep? Is your child having secret chat conversations with an ad-ult stranger? Is your employee emailing your business secret to your competitor? If your answer is "Yes", then SpyAnyway Keylogger is the right choice!


SpyAnyway Keylogger allows you to secretly monitor and record user's activities on computer, such as web sites visited, all windows opened, application executed, Internet chats, every keystroke, including username and password, and even take snapshots of the entire Windows desktop at set intervals, just like a surveillance camera pointed directly at your computer monitor. With SpyAnyway Keylogger, you will be able to see EXACTLY what they have been doing online and offline. It can run in completely INVISIBLE mode and is PASSWORD PROTECTED, so no one except you is aware of its existence, and the password can prevent other people from revoking/terminating/uninstalling it.


Getting Started

After installing SpyAnyway an shortcut is placed in the Start menu. When you click this shortcut, SpyAnyway will load in normal mode.

Start Monitor

Starting SpyAnyway's built-in monitoring process is very simple. Clicking on the "Start" button in the bottom of SpyAnyway's interface will start monitoring immediately. Then the button's label will change to "Stop" - click this to Stop SpyAnyway's monitoring process.

Stop Monitor

If SpyAnyway's monitoring process has started, the original "Start" button's label will change to "Stop". Just click it to stop monitoring, then the button's label will change to "Start".

Hide SpyAnyway

If you hope no one except you know SpyAnyway is running in the system, you can click "Hide" button to make SpyAnyway invisible. We call this "Stealth Mode" or "Invisible Mode". Press SpyAnyway's Hotkey can make it visible again (maybe you need to enter the Access Password you created). The default Hotkey is Ctrl+Alt+Y and can be modified by yourself. Please keep in mind that only after the monitoring process started, could the hiding operation be conducted, otherwise a error message will appears.

Password Protection

We strongly recommend that you set a Access Password to prevent unauthorized user from using SpyAnyway. Otherwise everyone who use this computer can view and delete SpyAnyway's log files, and even can uninstall SpyAnyway.
The Main Control Pane, located on the left side of the interface, contains a "Settings" label on the top. Clicking it will display the "Global Settings" panel. To create your password, check the Option Box labeled "Enable password to avoid unauthorized access", then key in your password in the "Type Password" and "Confirm Password" Box. Please make sure that you type the same string in the two box to enable Password Protection.

Monitoring System Activities:

All the five menu items can be left clicked or right clicked. Left click will display corresponding log records in right panel, but right click will disable or enable corresponding monitoring engine. For example, left click on WebSites Log item will display all URL recorded by SpyAnyway in the right panel, but right click on it will disable SpyAnyway to record website visited, and right click again will enable it.

Keystrokes Monitoring

SpyAnyway can record all keystrokes typed in any application window, such as user name, password, e-mail, chat, instant message (MSN/AOL/ICQ/AIM ), etc. The records are time stamped and categorized by the window title they belong to, so you can tell when and what documents were being typed.

WebSites Monitoring

SpyAnyway can record all websites URL visited in Internet Explorer (Netscape Navigator and Opera will be supported in Pro Edition of SpyAnyway). SpyAnyway will log the website URL, the website title, and the time the website was visited! You can click on the link in the Log Viewer to launch the visited page in your browser immediately!

website logger

Applications Monitoring

SpyAnyway can record all applications' window activity taken place on your computer! It will log the window title, the opening and closing time of the window, and the current user name. By this you can find out what movies/games were played, what files were modified, what pictures were displayed, and so on.

Screen Shot Logging

SpyAnyway can take picture of the Windows Desktop just like a automatic surveillance camera! It will capture images at set intervals. You have the option of taking pictures of the entire screen or just of active window, and saving the pictures in high quality or low quality JPEG format. SpyAnyway will also log the active window name and the time stamp when the screen shot was taken. When you click the record in log viewer, SpyAnyway will launch the selected screen picture in your default image viewer.

screen capture

screen capture
Please keep in mind that it is possible to fill up your hard disk in hours if you have a small hard disk or you don't have enough free space on it. On default setting, SpyAnyway will take about 3MB disk space for one hour, and about 72MB for one day. If option of Capture Active Window Only is selected, SpyAnyway will take about 75% less disk space on average than Capture Full Screen, depending on the user's computer activities. Furthermore, a low quality picture can be about 4 or more times smaller than a high quality picture. The recommended value is 70%.

File/Folders Monitoring

SpyAnyway records all file/folders change made by users within Windows Explorer, such as create file/folder, delete file/folder, rename and move file/folder, etc. These activities are logged by path and time stamp of first access.

Viewing Logs:

With the help of SpyAnyway's powerful built-in Log Viewer you can review the activity log conveniently. You can find all Log Viewer command labels on the Main Control Pane, located on the left side of the interface. They are Keystrokes Log, Website Log, Applications Log, ScreenShots Log and File/Folders Log. Under each command label there is a subhead like "Records: 0". The number following the colon indicates how many records SpyAnyway has logged until now. If you click anyone of the 5 command labels, the corresponding Log Viewer window will appear on the right side of SpyAnyway's interface. In this window you can:

Refresh Log

When you click "Refresh" button, SpyAnyway will synchronize its Log Window display with its log files, so you can see the newest records immediately in Log Viewer window.

Export Log

By clicking "Export" button, you can save all the current records displayed in the window as a HTML file (".htm") in the folder assigned by you, then you can view the html file in your favorite Browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

Clear Log

You can click "Clear" button to delete all records displayed in current log window, but the records in other log windows will remain. This operation also delete the corresponding log file in SpyAnyway's log folder. If you want to delete all records made by SpyAnyway you should click the "Reset" button in the bottom side of the interface.

Search Log

The "Search" button is a powerful tool for searching keywords in the log window. Please input the keyword into the textbox beside the button, then just click the button to find it!

View Record Detail

If you click on the records list in the log window, a blue pop-up window will appear. This window contains the detailed information of the record you just clicked. On the top of the pop-up window there is a button labeled "Copy to clipboard". You can click this button to copy the entire information to Windows clipboard. Furthermore, in Websites Log window, clicking on the detailed information in the pop-up window will launch the web page immediately; and in Screenshots log window, clicking on it will launch SpyAnyway's built-in image viewer.

View Screenshots Pictures

SpyAnyway has a built-in Image Viewer which allows you to view Screenshots picture conveniently. It appears when you single click any one of the records in Log Viewer window. You can just click the button on the bottom of the Viewer's window to view Next, Previous, the First and the Last picture of SpyAnyway's Screenshots. Also you can click "Save as" button to export current picture to any folder specified by you.

Setting SpyAnyway Keylogger

The Main Control Pane, located on the left side of the interface, contains a "Settings" label on the top. The "Global Settings" panel will appear when clicking it. You can fully configure SpyAnyway in the panel now!

Password Setup

The password is extremely important for SpyAnyway to run securely on your computer! Without a password everyone who use this computer can view and delete SpyAnyway's log files, and even can uninstall SpyAnyway! To create a password, please check the option box labeled "Enable password to avoid unauthorized access", then input your password in the "Type Password" textbox, again in the "Confirm Password" textbox. Please make sure that you type the same string in the two textbox. If the two strings you input are the same then SpyAnyway will accept the string as its password and pop up a congratulation message, else a warning message will be displayed.

Hotkey Selection

The Hotkey is also very important for SpyAnyway to run secretly! If SpyAnyway is running in stealth mode (that means it is invisible), only the people who knows the Hotkey can make it visible! The default Hotkey of SpyAnyway is CTRL+ALT+Y, that means when SpyAnyway is invisible you can simultaneously press the "Ctrl", "Alt" and "Y" key to make it visible. To select another Hotkey, place your mouse cursor in the Hotkey textbox, and simultaneously press down favorite Hotkey, such as Ctrl+Shift+S, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P, etc. SpyAnyway support all 26 alphabetic (A-Z) keys, 10 Numeric keys (0-9), and 3 Modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT).

Log File Option

The Log File Option has two parameter to be adjusted. The left one specify the directory which SpyAnyway store log files in, and the right one limit the size of disk space that SpyAnyway can use for log files. It is recommended that the size should be set as large as possible.

Autostart Option

SpyAnyway can be configured to automatically load when Windows startup. To do this simply enable the first option labeled "Load on Windows Startup".
If you enable the second option which is labeled "Startup in Active Mode", SpyAnyway will immediately start monitoring when it is executed.
The third option, labeled "Monitoring in Stealth Mode", will make SpyAnyway complete invisible when it start monitoring. It will hide itself from the Windows Task Bar, and the application list in Windows. To make it visible, you must simultaneously press SpyAnyway's Hotkey (by default the Hotkey is CTRL+ALT+Y ).

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